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Avalanche Training Center

Glacier 3000 has a permanent avalanche training center

Glacier 3000 offers free training a its new Avalanche Training Center for those who want to practice avalanche safety.

Now it is possible to practice what to do in case of an avalanche at the Avalanche Training Center. The training is free of charge and takes place under realistic conditions.
The new avalanche training center consists of a 100x100 meter area in relatively steep terrain in the lower part of the Ice Express chairlift. Here it is possible to simulate a real avalanche cone. The permanently installed avalanche transceiver has 5 senders, which do not run on battery, and therefore it is possible to leave them buried in the snow all winter. The avalanche transceivers are activated by the control center using wireless signals.
Thanks to the possibility of activating one or more of the avalanche transceivers, based on random sampling, it is possible to practice the scenario of looking for several people at the same time.

Free access to the Avalanche Training Center during the winter season
The idea is that each person brings their own probes and shovels, in order to be able to test and try out their own equipment free of charge.
This helps avoid any unnecessary surprises during a real avalanche. The Avalanche Training Center is open all winter for those who want to practice these skills on their own and free of charge.



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Les Diablerets


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Les Diablerets

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Les Diablerets

Table d'Hôtes

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